multi story was created in 2000 by Bill Buffery and Gill Nathanson inspired by their visits to Canadian Fringes and building on years of touring experience in the UK.

As the name implies, multi story are centrally concerned with the enduring power of

story – and with communicating the richness of the old stories to new audiences, both young and old.

Since 2000 we’ve created 16 touring productions for young audiences and 14 touring productions for adult audiences and older students.   We’ve also created a large number of plays with young people in a variety of circumstances – sometimes a play-in-a-day, more often a longer term project over an intensive week or sessions spread over months.

We’ve worked in a whole array of schools, theatres, art centres, community venues and festivals.  Most of our work is the UK but we’ve also spent time in Canada, the USA, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Norway, Finland, Portugal and the Czech Republic.

Further details about the company and what we have to offer are on our website: multistorytheatre.co.uk



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