Latest news

This autumn we’re adding Norse/Viking Myths to the mix of what’s available for young audiences.

Thor: the Truth brings to life some of the exploits of Thor the Thunderer and his fellow gods as they use their cunning and strength to keep Asgard, the Land of the Gods, safe from the Snow-Giants and the trolls who threaten their well-being.  More on the website.

Medea is making a welcome return.  We’ve been asked to take the production to an International School in Kiev in October, along with Jason & the Golden Fleece for younger students.  We’ll also be leading a number of workshops looking at Greek Theatre and creating some plays-in-a-day using Greek Theatre formats.  Medea was a huge success for us in the early days of the company and we very much look forward to freshening up the script and re-vamping the production.  We’ll be performing Medea at this year’s Stroud Theatre Festival and are offering it further afield to colleges and venues.

Both Pericles – All at Sea and Digging the Dirt continue to tour around the country, most notably in Quaker Meeting Houses.  And the full panoply of plays for adults and children is available to theatres, community venues and schools, alongside our comprehensive workshop programme.